Welcome to the image gallery for Spirits Dancing in the Heart of the Wind.

I'm Kahlee and this gallery features many of my photographic visions as experienced on the back roads of the American West and in our local wilderness areas, parks and wetlands.  Nature is my cathedral and I worship there as often as a busy life will allow.  Nothing gives me greater joy than to travel down a dirt road, discover its mysteries and share them with you in the form of essays and images.  So many transcendent moments await recognition, especially when you see with your heart as well as your eyes and camera.

I hope you'll ride along with me on a regular basis, and if you like a particular image, please let me know. In most instances, I'd be happy to license it for print or online publication uses or sell you a fine-art print.  Enjoy!

"Celebrate Life, Dare to Dream, Take Action and Expect Miracles"

My First Year on Flickr


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