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Kahlee  (aka "Spirit Dancing") I'm a total nature junkie, forever searching the hills, canyons and deserts of the American Southwest for scenic vistas, fall color and especially wildflowers. (If you happen to see a very tall woman sporting a sequin visor, lurking by the side of a California mountain road aiming a camera at something blooming, that just might be me. Feel free to say "Hi!")

Macro photography is a particular passion and Georgia O'Keeffe is a huge influence. It's amazing what sensual, abstract and geometrically intriguing patterns one can find in natural things whether flowers, vegetation, rocks, even an animal's coat, fur, feathers, etc., and of course, the human form.

The world is truly an awe inspiring workshop for the creative soul. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed by Life's challenges, getting out into nature or channeling my energies into photography is truly restorative. I've worshipped in many buildings, but to me, there is no cathedral more majestic than the mountains, no meditative space more contemplative than the sea or a still lake at dawn.

I'd also like to give some encouragement to those who have physical challenges and perhaps feel that getting out into nature is too difficult or has to be limited to areas formally designated as accessible. For years, a hip in serious need of replacement kept me from hiking any long distances or venturing where rock climbing and scrambling were required, but I definitely didn't let that stop me.  I had surgery in August 2010 and a whole new world of hiking is opening up for me, but I still don't travel far from my vehicle.

I've learned it's possible to find wild beauty everywhere -- even by the roadside. I take every opportunity to put wheels to pavement, or better still, explore a dirt or gravel back road to dizzying heights with a few spine tingling drop-offs to get the adrenaline going. ("Extreme Goat Paths 'r Us!")

Spring of 2010 was a banner year for wildflowers. And unfortunately, a banner year for wildflower visitors as well. Public and private property has been under siege and the wildflowers are suffering from "too much love." There are so many online resources as well as TV shows, newspaper articles, etc., announcing where to find the blooms, so I have started an organization, the Wildflower Conservancy, to help educate people in how to enjoy wildflowers responsibly. Please come follow the Wildflower Conservancy as it grows and propagates the seeds of change.

Unless otherwise noted, I'm shooting handheld with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35, FZ150 or FZ200. If you're interested in purchasing or licensing my work, please see information below or contact me.

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Fine Art Print Sales
(Printed with high-quality inks on archival paper)

Generally, fine art prints can be ordered in 8x10, 8 1/2 x 11, 11 x 17 or 13 x 19 sizes.  In addition, some images can be printed on canvas.  Please contact me for custom pricing based on size and format desired.

Image Licensing

Images can be licensed for various purposes, including editorial publication, advertising, graphic design, corporate portfolios, publicity or promotion, magazine and book illustration, website enhancement, presentations, retail products and other media.  Below is a list of typical license fees for stock photography uses such as those noted above.  Multiple uses or rights for usage in perpetuity will be determined by the nature and scope of the project.

Online Internet Use
(Fees listed are for non-exclusive use for a two-year time-frame)
  • Single image used once / single website:     $100
  • Single image used once / single nonprofit organization website:     $50
  • Multiple images, multiple uses or multiple websites / Please contact me for pricing.

Magazines and Periodicals

License fees for editorial publication in magazines and periodicals are based on various factors including the size of the image, number of images and number of subscribers. Please contact me for custom pricing.

Advertising or Corporate Brochures
(Prices listed below are for one-time print use only)
  • Single image / 1/4 page:     $200
  • Single image / 1/2 page:     $300
  • Single image / 3/4 page:     $450
  • Single image / full page:     $500
  • Single image / two-page spread, full bleed:     $650
  • Single image / partial cover (insert or spot):     $250
  • Single image / full cover:     $750 
  • Multiple images / Please contact me for custom pricing.

Books and Other Publications
(Including e-books, educational materials, brochures, guides, etc.)

Please contact me for custom pricing based on usage, size and number of images, etc.  Licensing will be on a flat fee basis only.  No per unit royalties.

Thank you for your interest!

"Celebrate Life, Dare to Dream, Take Action and Expect Miracles"

Invitation to a Golden RoadLupine in Hot Lava!"Love arose . . .  And all at once, life was transcendent."Reflecting on Mono Lake from Navy BeachSpring in the Alabama HillsGolden Poppies grace the Chuckwalla Mountains


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